Being a queen on a Sat morning

I do not remember being called a “Queen”….no, just tried to search my brain files and still can’t think of a time.  But this morning I was called “Queen” at least 7 times.  Here at my Polanco farmers’ market the vendors call me that when they offer/sell you something.   Another vendor went a different direction though – she called me a “Chief”.  

On this market trip I also tried a new fruit (for me) – mamey.  They let you taste everything here.  Maybe eventually I will like mamey.  It looks cool though – like an over-sized green almond.

And I am amazed at how these vendors work – totally different from what I saw at the market in Moldova.  This morning I braved to buy chicken meat.  I asked for one chicken breast (pechuga) and the guy asked me “beef steak”?  I said “Yes”, guessing he’d pound it for me or something.  Then he asked “4 or 5?”  Since I had no idea what he was asking about given he was working on one chicken breast, I said “4”…thinking “the less the better…whatever it is”.  He sliced the chicken breast into 4 pieces and pounded each one:)   

And the flowers vendors have their little peculiarities too – in addition to the buquet you are buying, which they put together super nicely with lots of additional tiny flowers, they give you another flower as a bonus.  I got one yellow rose – I am thinking they give it to you for another room in your house?  This is what I’ll think.

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