Life is better with cable

For 3 weeks now in Mexico I have been using someone else’s wireless Internet that miraculously was accessible in my apartment.  I mean it was a real miracle – my computer identified over 10 wireless networks in range, all of them secured, but one..with the strongest connection signal!   So I used it mercielessly, thinking good thoughts, of course, about the owner of the network.   And I really did not mean to use that network for so long.  The matter was that the Internet company that I contracted to hook me up to the Net could not install my cable for 3 weeks.   They told me a Saturday ago they’d come – never showed up.  Then I was waiting for them on another Saturday – never showed up again.  Then it was the following Monday – same story.  Then a Wednesday – and yes, the same story.  So, I finally thought of talking to a supervisor.  And it worked!  After haggling with me for about one hour over the color of my building (can’t tell you why that matters given that I provided to them my exact address), he sent two nice men my way who installed both the Internet and the TV cable in minutes.  And it is so cool, I can’t tell you how cool.  The Internet is super fast and the TV cable is rich.  Any time I turn the TV on now it shows something cool.  E.g., last night I watched “Billy Elliot” and tonight I watched parts of “The pair of idiots” – 🙂 this is how Mexicans translated “Dumb and Dumber”!

One response to “Life is better with cable

  1. a queen deserves her cable. let it never be said that allakazam had to live unwired, for that would be a doleful day indeed. nice blog. keep up the good work, proconsul. viva los gringas! alay alay alay! :O) jon

    ps blog only needs pictures of alla to make complete
    pps beware of mice
    pps can i get fries with that?

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