Smelling fat at 7:00 am

The worst experience so far for me here (and I hope this remains the worst!) is smelling pork fat fried at 7:00 AM.  There are all these taco stands in the little park I go through on my way to work.  Many of them sell fruit and churros, which seems totally reasonable to me.  But most still are in the business of selling fried pork tacos and other such things.  And the smell is simply atrocious.  I think the fact that it reaches my nose at 7:00 AM makes it even more stinky.   One of the stalls is the biggest offender – they are located in  a little alley I cannot avoid and the fat they sell stinks way too much.  Last week I did get nauseated and had to run past.  Now before reaching this stand I exhale deeply and walk as fast as I can. 

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