Back from Acapulco

Me flying over Acapulco

Wow…I loved it there.  I think part of the reason I liked it so much was because I did not expect it to be so nice.  I heard people saying it was dirty, overdeveloped, crowded.  I say those people never been to a beach in Ukraine or Romania.  In comparison to that, Acapulco was amazing.  The town is clean, with good roads, sandy beaches, sparkling hotels and lots of great restaurants.  I also did parachute sailing ($25 only – a deal I say) and the 3 of us also rode a banana boat.  On Saturday night we splurged at a very nice Kookabura restaurant situated on a cliff overlooking the Acapulco bay.   We spent at least 4 hours there watching the day lights disappear and the rain passing over the lagoon.  It was a surreal view with different sides of the mountains surrounding the lagoon appearing and disappearing behind a cloud of rain until the night fell.  There in the dining room was also a Kookabura bird in a huge cage (brought there from Sidney) – from time to time it gave out an exotic shrill that sounded like a parrot and an owl singing together.  

One thing that was annoying on this vacation were vendors that were trying to sell all sorts of things about every minute that you spend on the beach – from fish tacos to silver jewlrey to massage.  We ended up just laughing at how insistant they were.

To sum it up, I look forward to going there soon again.  Maybe I will fly there – the drive was not bad at all as the scenery was beautiful, but cutting on the drive time would add to the time I’d spend in Acapulco.

2 responses to “Back from Acapulco

  1. AHA!!! A new layout!!! BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. Did you go to the beach? I remember getting a BAD sunburn there and almost fainting at the market back in 1996 :-). I had paella for the first time also in Acapulco (for a Moldovan, that’s a MEMORY!). Somehow in my mind Acapulco looks and sounds more exotic than Cancun and other resort towns on the “other side” of the country.

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