There are surprises in murky waters

This is my liberal translation of a Russian saying which is used to describe situations when shy people do stuff that the rest of us, not so shy people, would never think of doing.  So here is a perfect example of this which I observed at a resort in Mexico. 

My friend and I were chilling in a hotel pool overlooking the lagoon.  Everything was nice – the palm trees bending over the pool in the breezee, the warm sun, the blue sky….until this one couple also in the pool starts kissing like they have been let off the leash.   We kind of tried to ignore it, until it was impossible to do so – the woman was throwing her head backwards in an ecstatic motion, the guy was drawing her to his chest, they would kiss more, then they would do something under the water and the kissing would intensify.  I did my best to look away, but these two were so oblivious to their surroundings, and the pool was small enough so that it was impossible to avoid seeing them.  Soon it became too much for me, so I left the pool.    

The next day in the early afternoon we were checking out of the hotel.  As is customary in Mexico, to do that we needed to stay in a longish line.   In front of us I noticed a young couple.  The man was dressed in a suit that seemed out of place in the flip-flop environment of the hotel.  The woman also had a conservative dress on, black long socks, and a black scarf covering her hair.   Both of them were readheads.  I made a mental note “oh yes, I read there are old world Christian communities in Mexico”.   So that was all I thought until the woman turned around and I realized that she was the “kisser” from the pool!  I am still in shock really.

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