Ant eggs and Mexican birth certificate

Am hurrying to tell you two interesting things from today. 

First, I tried “escamole”, which are ants eggs.  I have heard it is a delicacy here and swore to try it – today was the day.  My Mexican colleagues told me I would like it (of course they would think that).   I really did not know what to expect.  Most types of ants I have seen are really small.  So if they are small, their eggs must be small, right?  So I envisioned small transparent, honey-colored ant caviar.  Nope, that wasn’t it.  The waiter brought a plate with oval things the size of small beans or really big rice beans.  And they were of solid white color.  The first bite I took was alright.  I was trying to trick my mind into thinking it was really just corn.  It worked until one of the eggs decided to break in an unfortunate way on my tooth spilling the contents.  I felt it all in my mouth – an ant egg bursting inside.  So I could not eat any more of this stuff.  And just now I read that ants that lay these eggs do so only between March and April (I wonder where they kept all this time the eggs I ate today?)  And also, these ants are very aggressive.  So, harvesting the eggs is apparently a very difficult task…hence it is an expensive dish. 

The second thing from today was a fraud tour.    We went to see how easy it is to buy documents here in Mexico City.   We asked a guy at a printing district – Santo Domingo – how much it would cost to make me a Mexican birth certificate,  He asked me who I was.  “Russian”, we said.  He said “no problem, 500 pesos ($50 US)  and it will be ready in 30 min.  All I need is your name and other data you want me to use”.   He then continued saying that with that certificate I could get a federal ID with which I then could get other citizenship documents.  We asked if the registration numbers or anything could tick off the authorities – he said “of course not, they do not look”.  Besides the birth certificate, we were also offered a diploma from any university in Mexico.  I was thinking of a PhD in astrophysics…

One response to “Ant eggs and Mexican birth certificate

  1. You are brave trying ant eggs…it took me years to start eating oysters… 🙂

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