Malysh - my newly adopted dog

Malysh - my newly adopted dog

This is the name of my new dog.  I adopted him last Saturday so by today he knows the door to my building and I am in love with him completely (not because of the door).  He is adorable.  The funniest thing he does is skate on the tile floor in the kitchen after I wash his paws.  He runs to dry himself and slips.  He also bites my toes as I walk when I just get home from work.  I think it is a way to tell me he missed me and also he is upset with me for leaving him alone.   The most annoying thing he does is crying and screaming when I put him in a cage.  He actually sounds like a cat when he does that.   If he knew that he would stop probably.  And he loves my doorman – that guy takes him out when he hears Malysh barking.   I put a stop to that – I am teaching my dog some discipline. 

And here is the pic of the little one – this is what the name means in Russian!  A Mexican with the Russian name:)

2 responses to “Malysh

  1. Puppy!! I’m glad to see that you’re happy and have an expanding family down south – I can’t wait to adopt once I get to Saudi in a few weeks. We need more photos of Malysh!


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