Proud “parker”

My Jetta in the garage

That is me.  Today I parked for the first time in my garage without anyone’s help!  To understand my excitement over this matter, please see the picture that shows the proximity of my car to the oblivious pillar.  And yes, I do need to close my mirror in order to be able to park.  How about that?  And I did it!  Now I am feeling much less stressed about having a car here in Mexico City. 

And as to the driving here – it has been fine so far.  Granted I do it on weekends when all the aggressive drivers the city is known for are asleep or something.  But at the same time I think driving in Washington D.C. prepared me quite well to deal with the traffic here.  I still have to get over the fact that “no left turn” and “stop” signs have to be disregarded, but I am told I will get used to that soon.

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