Today I went to Amecameca.  My book said this is how I could get closer to the two famous Mexican volcanoes – Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl (“Popo” and “Itza” for less inclined to twist their tongues.)  Getting there was a feat.  First, Ashley and I were trying to get out of Mexico City for one hour while there was a marathon underway.  I should have expected that traffic would be a mess given it is usually a mess even without a marathon, but I still did not think it would be that bad on Sunday morning.  Then, when we got to Amecameca and started the ascent (driving up that is), we were in the middle of some kind of bicycle race.  Getting around cyclists on a one-way windy mountainous roads was truly a lot of fun.  To add to the adventure, there was not even one sign for the National Park until about 500 meters from it.  We did a lot of asking on the way.

The most interesting thing about Amecameca seems to be the love of rabbit meat that its inhabitants share.  Along the road there were about a hundred open air restaurants offering rabbits cooked in every possible way.  You could see caged rabbits next to dinner tables. 

When we finally got to the park, it was already too late for us to attempt any sort of serious hike.  The peaks were covered in mist, it was early afternoon and we had to drive back soon.   We still climbed one hill and found ourselves completely alone, blanketed by the mist, and surrounded by complete silence.  That was a very nice change from the non-stop rhythm of Mexico City.  For me the chance to hear the silence was worth the very long ride. 

Driving back was just adventurous.  At one point three lanes on one side had to merge into another set of three lanes on another side.  I felt like all cars around me were brushing against my car.  And we got home right on time.  Ten minutes after we got back, a huge downpour started with hail the size of peas.  Some parts of this big city are probably totally flooded now…  

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