The life I live

So, I was walking from dinner tonight.  Next to the building across from mine I saw these big projectors and a guy in front of them screaming.  Then I saw lots of people watching all this screaming.  And then I saw Televisa trucks on the side of the street.  Can you believe it – it was the shooting of a telenovela (soap opera)….right next to where I live.  I continued watching the filming from my balcony.  It was interesting to see how many times the poor guy had to scream the same phrase to get it right – I saw him doing that at least 7 times.

One response to “The life I live

  1. Suzanne McLemore

    Sounds like Mexico is going well. I’ve seen some Bollywood shooting around Mumbai but nothing right under my balcony! Watch out because they like to put foreign looking women in their shoots.

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