San Miguel and Guanajuato

View of Guanajuato from el Pipila

I just got back from a great mini- vacation.  How great that we do not need to labor on Labor Day.  My friend and I went to San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato. 

Bachata in a park on Saturday morning

San Miguel de Allende– sleepy, colonial, quiet.  I now understand why American and Canadian expats flock here.  The day I was there I just felt like I was in a different dimension.  There was no rush, the weather was nice and the set up and the architecture of the city is simply magic.   On Saturday morning we stumbled upon a morning dance exercise in the park.  A hundred people (mostly women) were dancing to the bachata rhythms while two very agile young men were showing the moves on the concrete wall above.  We took part in the fun – it was truly fun.  There were also individual yoga lessons in the park.   To add to the experience, in our little bed and breakfast we were enjoying our meals on a rooftop overlooking the whole town. 

Tunnels of Guanajuato

Guanajuato – much more lively, energetic, yet still smallish.  The coolest part of the city for me were the underground roads.  There used to be a riverbed that is now dry and serves as a network of underground roads.  There are intersections, parking lots and bus stations!  Out of nowhere in the city you can see a staircase from the underground – never seen anything like this anywhere.   The city has also been the mining center for many centuries.   We did visit one mine – went down 40 meters on very steep steps – they were used to carry 70 kg of metal up by Indians in servitude.  How scary.

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