Trip to Budapest

As I am being idle waiting for the delivery of my lost luggage from the airport, I thought I might as well share some of my adventures so far. 

Guns: On the way to the Mexico City airport from work I took a cab.  In one part of town the driver locked all doors and closed windows saying exactly this “so that it is harder for the bastards to get in with guns”.  He said it while we were stuck in traffic.  For the rest of the trip in that cab I tried my best to look Mexican and not worth the trouble to rob.  But the driver was cool – told me about his illegal stay in Chicago for 5 years and offered me gum when he bought some off the street. 

Bathrooms: Somehow the plane that came to Mexico City from Amsterdam and was about to take us back there had 5 toilets broken.  Very odd.  But because of that we left Mexico City really late and with toiltes still broken.  Because of the toilets I was late for my plane from Amsterdam, hence I am still waiting for my suitcases now here in Budapest.

Phones: Europeans are funny this way, or maybe it is just Hungary.  I came to the little hotel where I booked a room and on the door it said “we are not here, call us”.  How to do that when I just arrived and have no phone is not clear to me.  You should have seen how I was stalking this young man on the street to use his phone.  Very odd.

Crazy drivers: I got into a very nice shuttle from the airport and was happy I did not try to get to the city “the stingy way”.  And the moment I thougtht of how nice the roads were and how probably much nicer the driving conditions were than in Mexico, the driver braked so hard that I fell off my seat, along with my backpack.  This incident made a young couple who rode in the back of the shuttle laugh and the driver did not seem to notice.  So I just buckled up and continued with my new bruise. 

I miss Mexico City tonight.

One response to “Trip to Budapest

  1. Oh my god, I laughed and cringed and laughed again…Hopefully everything will be smooth on your way to родные пенаты.

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