Budapest sightseeing in office clothes

Pest - view from the Castle Hill

I am glad I did not go crazy about my work outfit for Friday in Mexico City because this is what I would still be wearing today while sightseeing Budapest. So the heels were manageable enough for the cobblestones, and the pants helped, but boy, was I cold or what. Those of you who know me, are aware that I try not to curse. This AM you would not have recognized me then – my mind was doing it on its own as I was freezing walking up and down the Castle Hill. When I saw “12C” written on a tempreture stand at a tram station, I got even colder. At one point walking across the Chain Bridge I felt dizzy because I felt my brain was freezing.

Besides this unpleasant start, the rest of the day was nice. And the Aussie couple I met at my little hotel made it even nicer. We had lunch and dinner together and the day got brighter and more meaningful for me as the result.

Budapest market - paprika galore

As to the specific sites, I did not get to see the Parliament because the tickets ran out while I was staying in line. Fine. But I did get to see an operetta at the chic Operetta House. “Mozart!” it was called. While I did not go there expecting to see Mozart hopping from brothel to brothel, it was still an interesting cultural experience.

Tomorrow morning the plan is to make it to the Turskih baths. Will shall see what that is all about.

The best part about tomorrow is that I will be wearing new clothes – my suitcase arrived tonight from Amsterdam.

4 responses to “Budapest sightseeing in office clothes

  1. I hope at least the operetta about Mozart had a “happy ending”.


  2. The bath definetly will warm you up. Wait till its real winter, you’ll be freezing your a** off 🙂

  3. The bath did warm me up and the Mozart show ending I am not sure of…as I did not sit there till the end! Got some Indian food on my way from the Operetta House and headed to my room to meet my delayed suitcase!

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