Back in my Mexico

So I am back in Mexico.  I arrived on Sunday, still sick and feeling beat up after a very long flight.  The streets my cab was driving on were littered and roads were in shameful state.  But people were walking around relaxed, my cab driver had a content look on his face, playing with an unlit cigarette in his mouth, there were flowers blooming here and there, and I felt so happy to be back in Mexico.   There is definitely an indescribable charm in this country and in its people.  

On Wednesday I was walking to a clinic to get an X-ray done and I was totally lost.  The map I had was not correct, so I had to rely on people around to get to my destination.  I asked a shoe shiner, he pointed me to the street I was looking for, then I asked two cops for another street, and they too stopped what they were doing and pointed me in the right direction.  Then I had to cross an insane avenue with eight lanes of traffic and no lights, and another man walked by and said “let’s do it together, this is crazy”.   I just love this country.

One response to “Back in my Mexico

  1. It does sound charming…the people sound really cool.

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