Tepotzlan (not Tepotzotlan)


The pyramid (used a lot of zoom!)

Yes, my journey began with trying to figure out which of these two towns I was actually going to.  It turned out, I was going to the shorter-named one.  The convenient thing was that one was situated north of Mexico City and another was straight south.  So south we went!

The town is known for its temple on top of the mountain.  My friend and I decided to climb it – it took us about an hour.  The hike was among the boulders and at the end the path turned into a narrow swithback.  The view from up there was nice, but the crowd we saw up there was even more fun to watch.  There were two Mexican yogis doing power breaths and standing on their heads on the side of the pyramid, there was an older American guy who we saw twice during our ascent because he climbs the mountain twice every morning (we barely made it once), and there was the ticket selling guy who proclaimed he had the best job in the world – he had to climb the mountain every morning to work at the entrance to the sacred place.  

Me at the pyramid

Me at the pyramid

Another beautiful place in Tepotzlan is the ex-convent.  The city is restoring it very nicely (while not charging anything to enter it).   The convent was apparently populated only by 2 or 3 monks at a time, but it is huge.  The highlight for me was seeing a stone sink which was delivering the used water out of the sink through the building walls and on to the gardens – I wish we were that thoughtful nowadays.  The views from the window of the convent were amazing – the monks actually built a viewing point to enjoy the stunning vistas of Tepotzlan.

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