Sayulita beach

Perfect ocean view

Perfect ocean view

Expats here in Mexico seem to be always on a lookout for an unusual beach vacation.   Sayulita appears to be just that.   It is located 50 min drive north of Puerto Vallarta and it is a small town sprawled over hills surrounding a bay.  The biggest draw of this town are gorgeous houses for rent.  I recall seeing such beautiful homes in magazines only, but this time I had a chance to stay in one.    It had two pools (including an infinity one), palapa roofs, and all the modern amenities you can think of.   From every room in the house you could see the ocean.  

The unexpected part for me was the lack of paved roads in this town.  I packed some high heels, but they stayed in my suitcase for the whole trip.  The road to the house was a dust patch that was going high up and deep down the hill several times before reaching the house.

The town has everything one might need – we walked there for meals and for shopping.  Overall, a great vacation spot.  To plan a vacation, check

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