Happy gringa

I am doing this blog because I just love where I am now.  As I want my friends to know all the wonderful things I encounter here, I will post my Mexico reflections as posts. 

I am a Moldovan by birth and upbringing and an American by mentality.  And right now I live in sparkling Mexico City!

My ID in this blog – Aliusika – is a derivative of my name created by my Daddy.  As I cherish his memory and miss him very much, I call myself by the name he used to call me.

8 responses to “Me

  1. the faithful readers want pictures!

  2. Great Blog! It’s always nice to hear about México City and surroundings through a foreigners eyes, can also be hillarious (Pork smell at 7am, hahahahaha!)

  3. Alla,

    This was really pleasant to read. I enjoy the info on your last trip. I will definitely be making these soon. Wow, they make movies in your neighborhood! How much is your rent? LOL!

  4. Just found this… a pleasure to read, thank you for sharing! I so envy all the adventures you’re having! 🙂

  5. Alla! What a wonderful, easy-reading and very illustrative style of writing you have!

    I just discovered your blog and read every post! It made me feel as if I traveled to the smelly streets of Mexico City, to the busy beaches of Acapulco, and to non-smiley Buenos Aires!

    I keep telling myself that we can’t miss an opportunity of visiting you in Mexico (by then I’ll make up my mind about a PhD diploma in astrophysics or in neurophysiology :), but we’ll see… My friend from Moscow is dreaming about going to Mexico, so I might join her hoping you’ll still be there… And if you’ll be gone by then, I’ll rely on your blog stories!

    Best, Jenea

  6. Hidi Alla, those photos look cool. I should send my parents address in case you go to Peru.


  7. Alla, This is great girl! I am glad I went in. You sound like you love Mexico so much….it will probably be hard to leave. Some places are very special to us. Pili

  8. Alla
    I enjoyed your travel journal. When is your next trip to the DC area?? I am planning an excursion to the Mexican border area (for a renewable energy project) and hope to fill you in on the details soon.

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